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“Kulture Vibez, where every culture has an urban side.” - Ronnie Megginson

At Kulture Vibez, customers are encouraged to be experimental with new clothing styles as the mission is to provide customers with the latest quality clothing and apparel while delivering the best customer service experience tailored to each customers visit. Kulture Vibez is always bringing the Vibez. Before devoting his work full time to Kulture Vibez in 2020, Ronnie served as CEO/Founder of R.L. Megginson Trucking.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, unfortunately the trucking company took a hit, as most business owners experienced, as contracts started to dwindle allowing Ronnie the opportunity to tap into his true passion and pivot into the retail industry. Growing up Ronnie wanted to own a clothing store, his first field trip to a shopping mall during high school introduced him to the clothing store DTLR, in which gave him that first flicker of inspiration and vision to start building out details on how he wanted everything setup. During a time where the world is instructed to remain indoors, Ronnie utilized and seized the opportunity to pursue his dream. He was able to refocus his energy, time, skillset, and resources to bringing Kulture Vibez to life.

Ronnie Megginson is the founder of Kulture Vibez LLC, a retail clothing store specializing in urban streetwear clothing and accessories. He has over 15 years of experience in the retail and sales industry attributing to the successful launch of the brick-and-mortar clothing store in 2020.

Ronnie is also highly connected within the community providing clothing drives for the homeless, back to school events for the local children and a slew of other programs to increase engagement, economic development, and overall confidence to all who comes in contact. Kulture Vibez is not only just a clothing store, but it is the heartbeat of the community.

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