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The Rusty Iris Art Bus

The Rusty Iris is a culmination of over a decade of community action. Scintillation Fire Troupe, Tet'nus Art Car, Burning Man, Full Moon Fire Jams, KDub Unival, IX Art Park, and Bad Hat Fire have all contributed to the drive to manifest The Rusty Iris. Rusty's artistic team is remarkable. Painters, sculptures, mechanics, videographers, photographers, healers, art therapists, writers, carpenters and more masters of their craft have emerged to collaborate on this magnificent journey. Rusty's mission is to bring folks on board to share their vision and skill. In 2022, she provided a space for middle schoolers to process their past COVID years and celebrate their school's name change through "A Rusty Journey (walk through) Time Capsule". During Tom Tom this year, she'll be processing the future and what seeds of change we want in our community garden in "The Future Forward Rusty Garden of Possibilities". With each expansion and alteration, she opens herself to more opportunities. We want as many people as possible to jump on board! Come see what it's all about because it's all about you. #IridewithRusty

My Artists Sessions

Friday, April 21

5:00pm EDT

Saturday, April 22

12:00pm EDT