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Alexander Bazhinov

Founder, President and COO
Alexander Bazhinov got his start in Russia after graduating from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. In Russia’s burgeoning capitalist economy, Alex navigated obstacles to business in a post-Soviet world until he found himself managing an international trade network of precious metals, from mining to smelting and eventually manufacturing. But while Alex found success in his position, he felt that holding a job based on the extraction of finite resources could not last forever.

In 2013 he made the decision to move to the country with the fastest-growing solar industry in the world, the United States. He enrolled in the Darden School of Business, right here in Charlottesville. Before long, his first child was born here, and he quickly became a part of the Charlottesville community. He would go on to found Lumin in 2016 after securing an investment from Virginia Investment Partners.

Alexander speaks proudly about his company’s contribution to decarbonization and hopes to help create a better future. Though Lumin’s recent and rapid growth has taken up more of his time, he still enjoys taking sailing trips with his wife and children. Alex has three children and lives in Charlottesville Virginia.